If you just can't get enough of Slim enjoy some of the favorite fan tunes on the music page.
Much Love

Slim Fatz'  music matches his personality. His live shows are a must see in order to appreciate all aspects of his music. On occasion, if the mood is right, Slim Fatz will lay a preachin' on ya. He stands up, slaps his chest as if to chase out the demons, stomps his feet to be heard, falls down on his knees and raises his arms into the air to shake a finger as if to say, I've got something to say. Listen up folks.



For Booking Information:
Please contact, Suz Holmes   
850-628-9655 (cellular)
850-366-8153 (google voice)
Everybody loves slim

Everybody loves Slim 

Slim has had a busy season in the panhandle of Florida, the place he now calls home. He performs often in Apalachicola, where all those great oysters are harvested and those "Oh so wonderful" blues fans never fail to turn out when Slim shows up.

For those of you who have inquired about Slim's artwork, you will be able to see and purchase some  on this site in the very near future.


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